Shadow Guard Rise of the Phoenix

Episode 6

SG Episode 6 – Raglor, Myrmidon, Pahn, Trauban, Flynn, and Lucien – Black Phoenix rising
A poker game gone wrong ends with an Urok Hai cutting down an Ael gambler. The tavern clears out, leaving Flynn and the Urok Hai. “Get that and follow me…”. Flynn looks at the body and quickly grabs the fancy rapier and follows the Urok Hai. They meet a black clad Corsair named Silk at the docks. Looking at Flynn, Silk greets the “captain” and gives the order – “You are to travel to Westfall to pick up the Shadow Guard”.
The Urok Hai, Vahsk Bloodwind, explains that they are the Shadow Guard, sworn to serve the King of Alphatia, Vax. Their mission is to take the Oathbreaker, a Viking longship to pick up their fellows. The Shadow Guard were sent as escorts into the Royalist held lands of Raven Hill. Westfall is a siege work with Guilder laying siege to a Royalist castle.
The ship travels along the coast eventually stopping almost a day out from Westfall. The longship lands and makes camp, while Flynn leads a search party to find the Shadow Guard returning from Raven Hill. After some hours, they track to a Royalist encampment in the woods, led by Cutter. They also find the Shadow Guard and a few additional companions.
The heroes return to the Oathbreaker at night fall and make camp. During the evening a Guilder blockade ship sees their camp fire and investigates. Landing parties flank the longship as they rouse and try to push off. The inexperienced crew can’t get the ship underway before they are surrounded. As the heroes and Urok Hai crew bristle with weapons at ready, Flynn tries to negotiate with the Guilder commander. After negotiation with Flynn and Pahn, the Guilders send them on their way towards Tol Barad.
Underway, the heroes discuss their plans and decide to turn around and head for the closer port of Alamire, now called Guilder. The plan is to repair the ship and take on provisions before making the trip to the Sea Duchy to “join the fleet”. The Night Elf navigator, Fil, admits that he has never taken a longship into open sea and is not confident of getting them there safely. They will also be looking to add crew and more experienced sailors.
Arriving in Guilder, Flynn sees to the crew’s pay and shore leave. The Urok Hai and Myrmidon stay aboard to guard the ship. The heroes retire to a fancy inn called the Venetian. At the Venetian they clean up and have a feast. The Venetian’s helpful host even sees to ship’s supplies and brings the shipwright’s estimate for repairs. Additional ale, wine, and Urok Hai tea are added luxuries for the crew, 1300 gold later (1000 for repairs and 300 for supplies).
As the heroes await the completion of repairs (approximately one week), they explore the grand city of Guilder. The city is full tilt on a war economy, with ships being built and the army swelling its ranks. Propaganda posters seem to target the Royalists to the south and their ancient enemy Hinin to the north. Senators and Republican Guard swarm the city seeking recruits ( conscripts) and rooting out “Royalist sympathizers”. Even the Church is busy seeking donations to various causes, including the “Relief Effort for the Sea Duchy”.
The heroes break up during the week – Flynn and Pahn visiting the Church and Sea Duchy refugee camps; Raglor and Trauban starting a pub crawl; Lucien and Tristana relaxing at the Venetian. Myrmidon serves as guard for person or ship at various times.
After the repairs are complete the newly christened Black Phoenix is ready to leave. The Church has convinced the heroes to take on Sea Duchy refugees, but some are turned away (but compensated in coin by Pahn). The longship is ready to sail for the Sea Duchy and open sea, a full crew and compliment of passengers – old, young, skilled, and unskilled.


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