Shadow Guard Rise of the Phoenix

Episode 5

Episode 5 (11/30/2013) – Raglor, Pahn, and Lucien
The heroes leave Raven Hill making their way to Westfall and the rendezvous with the long ship Oathbreaker. Just outside Raven Hill they come upon the missing Teamster, who was murdered and left tied to a tree, black crows circling above. The birds never attack, but the heroes bury the Teamster and mutter a prayer…
Several days later, they arrive on the outskirts of the great siege camp – Westfall. They avoid a Guilder patrol and make their way to the south. As they discuss the best way to find the Oathbreaker, a wood cutter comes upon them and introduces himself at “Cutter” in Elvish. Cutter is a Royalist spy and seems overly chatty with the heroes. He eventually takes them to his camp of (10) Royalists and offers to help them find their ship. During the discussions, however, one of the Royalists recognizes the heroes as the caravan guards for a “burnt wagon” that went to Raven Hill and then returned to the siege camp. The cargo was said to include “siege breakers” to crush the Black Prince Silas (the Royalist leader) holed up in Westfall Castle. The heroes split up – Myrmidon, Trauban, Tristana and the Royalists will search the shoreline for the ship, while Raglor, Pahn, and Lucien visit the siege camp to search for the “burnt wagon”.
Trailing a returning foraging party, the heroes enter the siege camp with little trouble – Pahn remarks to some Urok Hai mercenaries on watch that he has an important report to deliver to his commanding officer. The massive tent city is filled with mercenaries, Republican Guards, and “fleur-di-lis” marked Royalists in work gangs. Searching for the “burnt wagon” leads them to a more heavily guarded area watched by Republican Guards, called the Corral.
As they linger, a serving girl entreats the heroes, the “three Adonises”, to visit her bar across the way from the Corral. The fleur-di-lis marked serving girl serves the heroes some expensive drinks, but seems to be supportive of whatever mischief the heroes have planned. At the bar, the heroes see six Grey Cloaks from Raven Hill, the former teamsters of the “burnt wagon”. Pahn tries to talk with them and finds out they work for Spidas, the scheming merchant that tried to get the diamond. They are waiting for their payment, which Pahn hints would be a shame if it did not make it way back to Spidas…
Watching the Grey Cloaks and plotting ways to get in the Corral, the heroes see a weasel faced Republican Guard Sergeant drop off Spidas’s payment. As he leaves, Raglor ambushes him and absconds with his outfit for Pahn. Raglor and Lucien then leave the hapless guard in a compromising position at the out houses, with Lucien wizard marking a fleur-di-lis. The serving girl compliments Pahn on his promotion to sergeant and continues to provide drinks to the heroes.
Disguised as a Republican Guard, Pahn enters the Corral, to scout for the “burnt wagon” or the siege breakers. He finds some Royalists in stocks and a bloody stump used for executions, a reminder that being caught could end badly. He eventually finds a heavily guarded tent with supplies. A helpful soldier remarks that all the wagons offload there.
While Pahn is scouting, the Grey Cloaks argue and two of their company leave without their Grey Cloaks. The remaining four leave with a heavy sack of coins, bound for Spidas. Raglor and Lucien briefly consider going after them, but decide to wait for Pahn and avoid any other distractions that may risk their primary goal. Pahn later returns and says he found the wagon tent, but its heavily guarded. He doesn’t think he could slip in until nightfall.
As the heroes mull over their plans to get to the tent, a pair of nervous recruits ask Pahn where they should be going. The heroes opportunistically take a new squad of recruits as their escort into the Corral! The heroes first stop is the Royalists. Only 5 remains and 3 are unconscious. Pahn picks the lock and frees them, just as a large Breton in headsman’s hood comes out. As Raglor and the Headsman eye each other, Pahn slips him some coins to leave well enough alone. Taking the coins, the Headsman retires to his tent and lets the “guards” be off with the prisoners.
The heroes meander to “the tent”, but pick up some nosy guards along the way. Making their way to an empty barracks tent they ambush the guards and put them down, taking their gear for the Royalists. Pahn uses his white magic to heal the Royalists and Raglor, who got stuck with a spear. The confused conscripts and Royalists join the heroes in their plan, but the conscripts seem mostly useless, being shopkeepers thrown in armor for the Guilder siege. There was some discussion of creating a diversion, but Pahn winds up sneaking off to explode the siege breakers.
As Pahn sneaks into “the tent”, he finds it is actually a supply depot for the camp’s food and not the armory where the siege breakers are located. A helpful Dwarf quartermaster points the “lost Sergeant” to an even more heavily guarded tent. Pahn returns to the heroes to report it is a different tent and then sneaks off again.
At the armory tent, armed guards and watch dogs patrol the area. Muttering a prayer, Pahn decides to sneak into the tent, knowing he will be found out shortly. He quickly finds six of the siege breakers, half of the bombards delivered to Raven Hill. He briefly considers lighting a flaming arrow, but decides to use the wicks or fuses already on the bombards. As guards rush upon him the bombards explode, sending flames and the armory’s many weapons into the air.
Explosions and screams rock the siege camp! Raglor, Lucien, and the conscripts move out, heading towards the chaos. They find Pahn among the bodies and leave the siege camp unmolested. Making their way to Cutter’s Royalist camp a healing potion brings Pahn back to the living, his Republican Guard breastplate burned and shattered by the bombard’s explosion. The escaped Royalists join Cutter’s camp and the surviving (9) conscripts join the heroes. Tristana remarking they are NOT Shadowguard, but they can still come…
The heroes make their way south, checking the shoreline for the Oathbreaker…
Plot synopsis
The bombards meant for the Royalists wind up with the Guilders! Spidas diverts half of the Bombards to the Guilders, either with or without the knowledge of Baron Greyshaw. Tristana thinks the King never meant for the Guilders to get the bombards, so the heroes must intervene.


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