Shadow Guard Rise of the Phoenix

Episode 2

Episode 2 (072013) – Troubon, Traendithas, Pahn, Raglor, Myrmidon, and Lucien
The Breton barbarian Raglor wins a drinking and brawling contest and is inducted into the Shadow Guard by Dread Pirate Robert. He joins the Night Elf Black Wizard, Lucien, and they are sent to the Goblin village of 100 Huts to blaze a trail for the caravan of Lady Ballentine. The caravan arrives 4 days late with Troubon, Tranedithas, Pahn, and Lady Ballentine’s retainers – the Lazarus priest Ollum and two teamsters. A Goblin junk merchant tries to sell them “magical” scrap weapons and armor, which turns out to include the Warforged, Myrmidon, who joins their company.
Leaving the swamplands of Tol Barad behind, the caravan skirts a dark forest. One evening, the teamsters claim one of the carriage horses is lame and lead it out into the forest. There is some discussion of rearranging the horses and a fight breaks out over the “lame” horse, when it is discovered to be unhurt. Pahn gets sucker punched by one of the teamsters, but eventually the horse is led into the woods to be killed.
Pahn and Traendithas shadow the teamster and watch to see if anything happens after the horse is killed. The Ael Ranger is convinced that a vampire will be coming to feed! As if on cue, a wolf appears to feast on the dead horse. To their horror the beast seems to grow larger and larger as it devours the horse! Looking up from its meal, its eyes blaze red and nostrils flare. Suddenly it bounds towards them! Traendithas sinks an arrow deep into the beast and Pahn rushes from behind to finish it with his daggers.
Raglor eventually starts to look for the missing heroes and finds them arguing over the warg’s corpse. Traendithas is convinced it should change back, but now they are not certain what they have killed. As the other heroes arrive, the Warforged’s lantern reveals a large dark blue warg with a strange tribal mark on its shoulder… a Night Elf battle rager. The heroes return to camp and try not to think of what happened…
The next days, 4 more wargs stalk the caravan. Tristana manages to get the covered wagon stuck in a rut in the road, leading the wargs to charge! Troubon, Raglor and Myrmidon deal heavy damage to the beasts, but get mauled in the process. Traendithas is felled by one of the beasts and Tristana discharges the dragon stick, wounding it and knocking herself out from the recoil . Lucien and Pahn help to finish off the beasts and put out the fire started by the dragon stick. The heroes would later learn that Lady Ballentine had the horse killed as an offering to the Night Elves, who’s land they were passing through. She apologizes for not being more forthcoming, but also hints with noble arrogance they she does not have to explain herself.
Once outside the forest trail, they arrive at another Goblin village, also called 100 Huts. The Teamsters pay off a Goblin wearing a Guilder Napoleonic hat and are afforded some time to rest and recover. A Goblin merchant tries to sell them “Mother’s Milk” a local healing potion, but a watered down version in Ale is chosen instead. Myrmidon finds this village has a large arena, the remains of an ancient fortification.
After resting a few days, the journey continues into Guilder. The caravan skirts the siege of Westfall, where Guilder lays siege to their own castle, held by Royalists, led by the Black Prince Silas, heir to the city of Alamire (now called Gulder). Dodging foragers and patrols they make it to the road to Raven hill.
On the trail to Raven Hill, the hearse breaks a wheel. After a bitter debate, the hearse is scavenged and broken down. The hearse’s contents, a chained bronze sarcophagus of a warrior (the Lady Ballentine’s late husband’s remains) are removed to the covered wagon for transport. Ollum takes up the reins of the covered wagon, with only Lucien staying in the wagon now. The other heroes choose to trail on foot.
Mid way to the end of their journey, their night camp is interrupted by some torch bearing travelers. These robber knights are leaving Raven Hill and bear dark tidings from the Royalist stronghold:
With the Black Prince trapped in West Fall, Raven Hill has fallen into rival camps of “Blacks” (Black Prince) and “Greys” (Baron Greyshaw). The town council had tried to put Baron Greyshaw into power, but fighting broke out and settled nothing. Dark things occur at night, bodies found in the morning clawed and drained of blood. Some say vampires and werewolves stalk the night, while the Black and Grey Councils each blame the other for these atrocities. The Knight Watch, which guards Ravens Hill, has also splintered into Black and Grey Knights, rendering them ineffectual.


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