Shadow Guard Rise of the Phoenix

Episode 1

Episode 1 (070613) – Traubon, Traendithas, and Pahn – King’s Guard Recruits
Months have passed since the Sea Duchy lay claim to Tol Barad, but steel remains the real authority. Alphatia’s banner flies over the city, the newest in a long line of conquerors. As the new rulers settle in, Ael Bards sing of Alphatia, the First Kingdom reborn.
The Dwarven warrior, Traubon, is on his way to meet the Dread Pirate Robert at the Sea Devil tavern. The sun is just setting as he hears a crash of wood and glass breaking. Three looters have smashed the large window of a modest home. He briefly considers not getting involved, until he hears the scream!
The crash of glass and wood startle Pahn. He rushes to the stairs to see three Breton thugs climbing through the shattered window and rummaging through the old master’s things. Did they not realize the glass alone was worth much more than the meager furnishings below!? Pahn can’t help but cry out in disgust, causing the intruders to look up and draw weapons.
As Traubon peeks through the broken window, he see the three looters draw blades and the sole homeowner on the stairs, swishing a pair of daggers menacingly. Two of the Bretons turn to confront him as he hops into the room, grinning with axe in hand. As one of them says to “Run or we’ll cut of your beard”, the other moves towards him clumsily and get’s his arm cut off, spraying half the room in blood!
Pahn curses as a valueable Urok Hai rug is ruined by the dieing looter. As he casually dodges his own attacker, he plunges one of his blades into a looter’s chest. The mortal wound catches bone and as the looter crumples, he takes Pahn with him to the foot of the stairs.
The last looter flees for his life, barely escaping Traubon’s second axe swing. Annoyed, Traubon pulls out his short bow and let’s an arrow chase his quarry. The arrow sinks into the looter’s leg as he limps away.
The Ael ranger, Traendithas, is almost to the Sea Devil tavern. He sees a large broken window with a wounded man limping away trailing blood from a arrow in the leg. The twang of a bow sends a second arrow into the back of his head! The looter falls to the ground with a thud.
A Dwarven warrior with a bow emerges from the window, shortly followed by a well dress Breton with blood stains. The heroes are in the middle of the street when down the lane, the door of the Sea Devil opens and a well dressed swashbucker emerges. “You must be the new King’s Guard recruits?, he says. Under his breath you almost hear him say “At least you did better than those three louts…”
The swashbuckler takes the heroes to the tavern where they meet the Dread Pirate Robert. The grizzled pirate sits at a table strewn with empty bottles and gives them the evil eye. The swashbuckler then swears them into the King’s service and proclaims them the first of the King’s Guard. “You’re first mission is to escort the Lady Ballentine to Raven Hill. You’re contact is her priest, Ollum. Your payment will be 1000 gold.” He then drops them at an Inn to meet their escort.

At the Inn, Pahn cleans up and the heroes find Ollum and a strange Night Elf woman with red hair. She claims to be a “King’s Guard” too and the payment is a dragon stick. A fight nearly erupts, but the arrival of Lady Ballentine ends the conflict. She explains that the dragon stick is 1000 gold, but she can easily sell it for more in Raven Hill, promising them each 1000 gold upon safe delivery.
Ollum leads the heroes to the stables where they find a carriage, a hearse, and a covered wagon. Alarmed by the hearse, Traendithas talks about vampires and the heroes gather some garlic and wooden stakes before they leave. The heroes are to drive the covered wagon, which seems to carry some small kegs with warnings to “keep away from fire”…


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