Shadow King’s Guard Stories

Ael, Breton, or Dwarf – Ex-Slave or Refugee who found your freedom and opportunity in the port of Tol Barad. You joined the Phoenix Queen in liberating Tol Barad from the yoke of Anok’s rule and now want to help create a New Kingdom from the ashes of the old.

Night Elf or Urok Hai – The rule of Anok is over and a new sovereign raises their banner over Tol Barad. The Phoenix Queen took the city by fire and steel, but she promises hope for the future. Her capital is to be called Alphatia, after the first kingdom of the Old Kingdoms. Alphatia was a paragon of hope for all races, a time when they all worked for the common good. As the shadow of Bret Minor and its Breton domination descends over the land, Alphatia could be the champion to protect all people.

All characters start with 8 in each attribute. Race will add/subtract for the starting attributes. Players roll 6D6 and may add 1-2 die to any attribute. Class will allow addition D6 to be added. No attribute can be higher than 18.

Ael add +2 Dex and Cha.
Bretons re-roll any 1’s and get 7D6.
Dwarves add +2 Str and Con.
Night Elves add +2 Dec and Con.
Urok Hai add +2 Str and Con, but -2 Wis and Cha.

Warriors (Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian) add 1D6 to Str or Con.
Scouts (Rogue, Ranger, Bard) add 1D6 to Dex or Cha.
Magic Users (Cleric, Druid, Wizards) add 1D6 to Int or Wis.
Racial (Dwarf- Warforged, Artificers; Night Elf – Beast Rager; Urok Hai – Monk) get no adds.

Secrets and Destinies…

Extra feat for taking a Secret.
Add 1D6 to any attribute or re-roll any 1’s or 1’s/2’s if Breton for taking a Destiny.
Secret: You have a secret that if found out could mean imprisonment or death. You might be a spy, a convicted murderer/thief/pirate, etc. You may have people/groups hunting you.

Destiny: You must fulfill a destined event/accomplishment. You might need to kill a powerful dragon, undead, or werewolf. You might need to become a Lion Knight, Commander, or Ship Captain. You may need to kill a powerful lord or king.

Optional Starting Feats
Paragon: You start with an 18 in one attribute only paragons can raise above 18.
Lucky: You have 4 bennies instead of 3.
Heirloom: You start with a magic weapon, armor, or special weapon (ex. Dragon Stick)
Wealth: You’re rich! You have 5000 gold pieces in gems, coin, or jewelry.

Shadow Guard Rise of the Phoenix